Bryan Singer Says ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Is Not the End of a Trilogy


When X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, it might feel very much like a conclusion to the story that was first introduced in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, capping off a trilogy that also featured the hit X-Men: Days of Future Past as its centerpiece. Those who’ve been following the series since First Class will definitely find certain character and story arcs twisting towards an inevitable (but temporary) conclusion, but those who’ve been tuning in since 2000’s X-Men may find even more.

Fandango recently sat down with X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer for a sprawling conversation about Apocalypse, as well as the five other X-Men films that have dazzled audiences for almost two decades. In Singer’s mind, Apocalypse doesn’t just wrap up a story that began five years ago — instead...

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Watch: When the Actors In Michael Bay’s ’13 Hours’ Met the ‘Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’


When people think of Michael Bay movies, the think of fancy cars and explosions and whirling CGI and sometimes fancy cars that turn into whirling CGI explosions. But there’s another core aspect to Michael Bay movies that most people overlook. He’s very patriotic, with an unapologetic, deep admiration of the American military.

Most of the time this just comes in the form of his movies having a few military┬ácharacters or vehicles on display. Sometimes it gets a bit more overt, as it did with his most recent movie,13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. This isn’t Transformers-mode Michael Bay. It’s much closer to The Rock. It’s all about highly skilled men just doing their job, which in this case happens to involve some guns and explosions.

If the title somehow didn’t give it away, 13 H...

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Remember When… ‘Pearl Harbor’ Tried to Be Michael Bay’s ‘Titanic’?


Michael Bay. In 2016, the name conjures thoughts of loud, chaotic Transformers movies that earn near-universal scorn and billions of dollars. But when Pearl Harbor came out, 15 years ago this week, Bay was the semi-respectable director of three hit films — Bad Boys, The Rock, and Armageddon — that had gotten mixed reviews but were considered, at worst, harmless trifles.

Pearl Harbor was an ambitious new step for Bay: a three-hour epic based on real (and very serious) events that some audience members would remember firsthand and that everyone else would have learned about in school. It was a fraught subject that would bring up issues of patriotism, war, and racism. The model to emulate, especially in the early stages, when Bay wanted Pearl Harbor to be an R-rated portrayal of the horrors ...

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Avengers: Infinity War Won’t Include Any Marvel TV Characters?


Avengers: Infinity War Won't Include Any Marvel TV Characters?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown by leaps and bounds ever since Iron Man kicked things off exactly eight years ago today, back in 2008. The studio now has a number of hit TV shows on both ABC and Netflix, which have featured minor crossovers into the MCU. But thus far, none of the movies have featured any of the characters from TV shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Netflix series like Daredevil. Some have speculated that, with the massive two-part adventure Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War – Part II gearing up to start shooting later this year, some of the MCU TV characters will be joining the fight against the Mad Titan, Thanos. But that probably won’t be the case.

Avengers: Infinity War directors, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, recently shed some light on ...

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Supergirl, Flash & Arrow Team Up in The CW’s Superhero Sizzle Reel


Supergirl, Flash & Arrow Team Up in The CW's Superhero Sizzle Reel

Though many DC Comics fans have had trouble with what’s happening on the movie side of things over at Warner Bros. following Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, The CW has really found a formula that seems to work. And they are doubling down for their 2016-2017 fall schedule. The network recently announced their full upcoming line-up for advertisers and media in New York City, and in addition to some brand new series, they also firmed up plans for their DC superheroes, which will now include Supergirl. To celebrate, The CW has put together a pretty great sizzle reel consisting of The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and of course, the latest newcomer, Supergirl.

Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl was on CBS for its first season, but rumors had been persisting for quite some time that the show c...

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Latest Hot James Bond Rumor: Jamie (‘Fantastic Four’) Bell as 007


Jamie Bell

Who will portray the most famous secret agent in the world in his next adventure? Recentlywe heard a claim that Daniel Craig had decided not to return as James Bond, despite a reported offer of close to $100 million for two more films.

Furthering that idea, according to Deadline, Craig is reportedly finalizing a deal to join Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky, a thriller revolving around criminals who plot a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. That film is expected to start production this fall, with Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Channing Tatum, Riley Keough and Katherine Heigl tapped to star.

If Craig is done with the iconic role, who might be ready to step into James Bond’s shoes? Actresses Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) and Priyanka Chopra (Quantico, the upcomingBaywatch) have ...

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13 Superhero Movies Perfect for Justin Bieber


13 Superhero Movies Perfect for Justin Bieber

On the back side of the Funky Bunch, we never imagined that Marky Mark would emerge as Mark Wahlberg, top marquee draw and an Oscar nominee. While DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was a fun and popular pop act of the 80s, no one living through 1988 ever thought, “That Will Smith sure has box office gold written all over him!” Cut to thirty years later, and he too is a multiple Oscar nominee and one of today’s top leading men. While Justin Timberlake hasn’t exactly set the big screen ablaze, he’s become a beloved institution amongst the hipster marketplace, as well as a sought out persona amongst all other demographics who love his comedy on Saturday Night Live, bathe in his music, or applaud his various turns at dramatic acting. He’s the closet thing we have to Frank Sinatra today.


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Karl Urban May Return in Judge Dredd TV Series


Karl Urban May Return in Judge Dredd TV Series

Back in 2012, Karl Urban starred in the critically-acclaimed movieDredd 3D, which was beloved by critics, and the very few fans who actually went to see the movie. The reboot posted an impressive 78% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it only made $13.4 million domestically and $35.6 million worldwide, from a $50 million budget. Despite the financial failure, there has been talk of a possible sequel for quite some time. As it turns out, the character may actually be eyeing a return on the small screen instead

Last month, Dredd star Karl Urban hinted on his verified Twitter page that he would love to make a sequel with streaming giants such as Netflix of Amazon, teasing that there is a “gold mine of awesomeMega City 1 stories...

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Doctor Strange: What We Know


Doctor Strange: What We Know

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no longer a strange experiment in the world of filmmaking. It is now a very well oiled machine that has produced 13 blockbuster films that have grossed a combined total of more than $10 billion worldwide. And in a lot of ways as the MCU enters phase 3, it is really just getting started. With lots of new characters being introduced over the coming years and lots of corners of the Marvel Universe barely even touched on, if even explored at all, Kevin Feige and Co. have a lot coming our way over the next handful of years. Now that Captain America: Civil War is out to the delight of both critics and fans, it is time to focus on bringing the next brand new hero into the MCU, and that hero is Doctor Strange.

Not even two years ago, many people had concerns about...

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Mark Ruffalo Promises Hulk Will Be “Hulk-ier” in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Late last week we heard that Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban would be joining the cast of Thor: Ragnarok, which already included the returning Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba, as well as new additions Tessa Thompson and Cate Blanchett.

Mark Ruffalo is also starring in the movie as Hulk, though we still don’t have an official idea about how he and his fellow Avenger Thor might be hooking up. We got a small clue from Marvel head Kevin Feige recently, when he confirmed that Natalie Portman would not be returning for the third installment in the Thor series because “there are only a couple of scenes on Earth in this movie,” with most of the story taking place “in the cosmos.”

Now Ruffalo has provided further hints about the movie, telling Entertainment Tonig...

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