Reel TV: A Trailer Roundup of ‘Frequency,’ ‘Training Day,’ ‘The Exorcist’ and More Movies Being Turned Into TV Shows


When we started the Reel TV tag here on, it was to cover the notable, but at the time relatively uncommon, overlaps between the big screen and the small screen. Fast forward a few years, and the overlap between the two has exploded. Not only are a ton of big screen talents working in TV now, but this coming Fall season sees networks rebooting a bunch of movies as TV shows.

So far the results are looking a bit mixed. Some of these could be great, some already look they’re trying a bit hard, but either way it’s pretty clear that movies being turned into shows is the big trend of 2016-2017 TV.



What’s the deal?

Same basic deal as the movie, only this time it’s a daughter who is able to talk to her father in the past (1996, to be precise). Together they try to stop a serial killer, and in so doing accidentally change the future for the daughter. We’re not entirely sure how you keep that premise going for more than a single season, but that’s their problem to figure out. The pilot was directed by Brad Anderson (Session 9), so at the very least it should be worth the watch.


Training Day

What’s the deal? 

Bill Paxton stars in the Denzel Washington role of a L.A.P.D. detective who doesn’t much care for the letter of the law as long as it gets results. Don’t expect the series to get nearly as gritty and grimy as the movie, but if you like cop shows, it’s probably giong to get the job done. Funnily enough, the pilot comes from Danny Cannon, director of Judge Dredd and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.


The Exorcist

What’s the deal? 

A family at the end of their rope believes the only explanation for their daughter’s behavior is demonic possession. They call in two priests to perform an exorcism. We’re left scratching our heads a bit as to where the show goes after that. Will they keep exorcizing new people? Is the demon going to jump bodies? Like Frequency, where does this show go in a hypothetical second season?


Time After Time

What’s the deal? 

Here we have a TV remake of the 1979 thriller about H.G. Wells using a time machine to try and track down Jack the Ripper. Nobody saw that coming. Crazier still, the show is fromScream creator Kevin Williamson. Maybe the seemingly random nature of it means there might actually be something really special at play here. We’ll find out this fall, but for now this kind of looks like Fox’ Sleepy Hollow show: A high concept premise to justify having a handsome guy from old timey days try and figure out the modern world.



What’s the deal? 

Mark Wahlberg is producing this remake of his movie, which wasn’t particularly a huge hit to begin with, but it’s always been the kind of movie that’s totally at home on a Saturday afternoon on basic cable. So, surprise surprise, USA Network is the home of this series adaptation starring Ryan Phillippee as a military sniper who gets framed for an assassination he didn’t commit. And once again we ask ourselves, how does this last beyond a season? Does he get framed for even more assassinations? Is he just on the run forever? Do we care to find out? Eh…


Lethal Weapon

What’s the deal? 

Same as the movie. You’ve got a cop with a death wish paired up with a cop who just wants to punch out and go home. Together they inevitably find themselves taking down the most eccentric criminals L.A. has to offer. It’s actually a pretty decent idea to turn Lethal Weaponinto a show, since you could keep it going pretty much indefinitely, but this first trailer does have us cautiously wondering if it’s been a bit miscast. Maybe it will last longer than the Rush Hour TV show that’s already been cancelled.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What’s the deal? 

This is probably the smartest TV reboot in this list because it’s being done just as a live TV movie and not being forced into a multi-season format. Orange is the New Black’s Laverne Cox is playing Frank-N-Furter, which is probably enough to get a lot of skeptics on board. And Fox is a network that goes all out on their live TV movies, so this may end up being one of the more remarkable remakes on this list.

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