9 Ways Suicide Squad Will Crush Captain America: Civil War


9 Ways Suicide Squad Will Crush Captain America: Civil War

The late, groundbreaking producer Julia Philips referenced the following saying in her book You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again: ‘If you can’t be the best, be first’. By this logic, the cinematic smack-down between Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad is already over. Why? Well, Civil War comes out May 6 and Suicide Squad drops August 5.

To that end, considering that the films come out three months apart, this really isn’t a fair fight. We’ll only know which film did better by the box office receipts that are tallied. At present, word of mouth on Captain America: Civil War is quite good. Suicide Squadhas had decent word of mouth, but it seems that there are many things working against it.

First of all, it is has to live up to Heath Ledger’s Joker. People can say what they want, heck, Jared Leto can deny it, but that character portrayal is looming larger over this film than Batman over Gotham. Secondly, the overall feel of the movie (from the trailers) seems to whimsically be bordering on the sadistic. Superhero movies aren’t ever this dark, right? Can they be this dark? Thirdly, do many casual comic book/superhero fans even know about the Suicide Squad?

The Avengers have a built in fan base. It has been constructed ever since it first hit comic book store shelves in the 1960s. Suicide Squadactually debuted in comic book form in 1959. However, would somebody who just watches Superhero movies (and doesn’t delve into the lore of the comic books) know this? On paper it seems that Captain America: Civil War is lock to take the box office title. But…Will it be a better film?

There is this idea that good movies make money and bad movies don’t. Anybody that had a lick of sense about the film business knows that this isn’t true for a second. Hey, Avatar made billions but is there any argument that The Hurt Locker was the better movie? So, while Captain America and his cohorts have the advantage of essentially being in another Avengers film (cue the critics to start splitting superhero hairs), the reality is that Suicide Squad can probably break new ground. It is with this in mind that you are invited to discover 9 Reasons Suicide Squad Will Be Better Than Captain America: Civil War.

Suicide Squad Has an Oscar Winner

Jared Leto as The Joker

Sure, the Avengers have solid thespians in their mix (Robert Downey, Jr., Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, etc.), but none of them have won Academy Awards. Suicide Squad not only has an actor in Jared Leto who has won the big dance BUT it has other actors who also bolster its credibility. The thing about Jared Leto, love him or hate him, is that we know he can act. The Joker is a highly complex role. There’s a reason why it took an actor with the gravitas of Heath Ledger to reinvent him from Jack Nicholson. With Leto in the role something tells us we as viewers will be brought to a whole new dimension. And if the on-set reports of Leto’s odd behavior are to be believed, Marvel might want to take a crazy cue from this potential franchise in the future.

Best Ensemble in a First Time Superhero Movie

<i>Suicide Squad</i> Cast

Casting Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn (hot off her dazzling performance in The Wolf of Wall Street) immediately gave this film an X-factor. Sure, she may not be the biggest actress, but to go from Martin Scorsese to a down and dirty comic book vehicle (when Scorsese practically invented cinematic “down and dirty”) says a lot about her. Add to the fact that Ben Affleck is also in this film and you easily have one of the most bankable movies in Hollywood. Now, if you’re a producer, you’re already sitting pretty but then add the one man juggernaut that is Will Smith. He alone makes any film he’s in high profile. So one already has very solid actors based on a strong property by one of the best directors in the game. Sorry, Russo Bros., you guys are great but Suicide Squadclearly has the talent edge here.

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